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ICON TEJA is a manufacturer of roofing tiles based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. All our products are manufactured using carefully separated recycled polymers and fine screened silica sand. We are dedicated to recycling and to continual development of new technologies and materials.

“With the advent of new technologies and development of polymer recycling industry, we were able to create an innovative polymer-sand material – Polysand™, which is the base of all our products.”

What is Polysand™ material?

Polysand™ is an innovative material of the 21st century. The first attempt to use polymer as a connecting link in building products was made back in the 90s. The rapidly evolving plastic industry led to the development of new composite materials. After the successful attempt to use polymer instead of cement, the first polymer-sand based tiles were introduced to the market. Today, Polysand Corp. has significantly improved the manufacturing process of this material and continues to develop it further.

How we make it.

Polysand™ is a mixture of recycled plastic and screened fine silica sand. When mixed together with high quality pigment and protective additives this material is almost unbreakable and can withstand severe weather conditions and harsh environments.

Advantages of our composite roofing shingles.

  • Polysand™ material is a green product. We collect, separate and recycle plastic. When you purchase our product you contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • All our products can withstand severe weather conditions with temperature ranges from -60C to +80C degrees.
  • Polysand material is very hard to bend and is virtually unbreakable. No more hail and wind damage.
  • Sand makes our material soundproof. You will not hear any noise when it is raining and can sleep peacefully as opposed to metal roofing.
  • Our composite roofing shingles are a hard nut to crack for iguanas, raccoons and squirrels.
  • Our tiles are lightweight and therefore don’t require roof reinforcement, making transportation and installation easier.
  • Polysand™ material will not fade over time as we use a high quality UV protection system and color pigments.
  • Absolutely moss and weed resistant as there are no pores and water absorption is extremely low.
  • Very good flame resistance. Flame doesn’t spread along the roof.
  • 50 year limited warranty on roofing shingles.